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Air Bearing Repair Service 

Air Bearing Repair Service, specializing in the repair of high precision air bearing spindles, has been servicing the semiconductor industry since 1989.  Our growth over the years is due to our commitment to customer service, offering in most cases, a 48-hour turn around service.  Over the years, we have developed and implemented process to improve the performance and longevity of air bearing spindles.  Consequently, these processes, as well as the high-precision technology used, have allowed us to improve substantially the rebuilding techniques.  This has resulted in more efficient repairs, while continuing to meet or exceed manufacture specifications.

Over the years, we have serviced the air bearing spindles of IBM, Honeywell and Texas Instruments to name just a few. Our international repair base is growing at a very rapid rate. We regularly repair spindles in Canada, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Our success is based on the service given to our customers.

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